Lunch and Learn (Breakfast and Learn)

It is important to continue with learning and growing as a professional. One thing that has helped me continue to grow and learn is hosting lunch and learns at the different places I have worked. During this process I have formulated a little outline that might help you start your own lunch and learn (Breakfast and Learn, Brown Bag, Show and Tell, ETC…) at your office. The goal and format are simple so anyone can development a solid lunch and learn program.


•  Build Community
•  Foster Learning and Growth
•  Build Transparency and Understanding

Topic Selection

•  Technology Discussions
•  Personal and Professional Growth
•  Project Insights
•  Lessons Learned
•  Physical, Mental, Financial, Professional Well-Being


•  The format will vary each week. It will be discussion-based every week but there will be a topic presented by talk, video, coding example or etc… and there will be a group discussion of the topic afterward. The format will be adjusted to fit the topic selected in order to maximize the goals of the lunch and learn.


•  Do it at least once a month
•  Try if possible, to provide the food

Good First Topics


Discussion Points

  1. Thoughts on the video over all?
  2. Can you relate to the insights Seth has found?
  3. Have you ever experienced any of these in your projects?
  4. Do you feel like when you are building out your solutions do you fit into one of these categories?
  5. When solving customer problems how can we get better at not adding “Broken Things”?


Discussion Points:

  1. Thoughts on the video over all?
  2. Do you find it hard to admit that maybe you don’t know and are wrong?
  3. Have you even been wrong in a minor or major way? What happened?
  4. Have you ever found yourself in the trap of the Unfortunate Assumptions?
  5. When working on a project have you ever felt like you could not be wrong and pivot?
  6. How do we build a culture where it is ok to fail both at Unify but also in our projects?




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